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Angelo Petraglia (born May 5, 1954) is an American record producer and songwriter, who worked with his band Face to Face, and then turned to focus on songwriting most notably through the band Kings of Leon.


After starting multiple string bands, with Face to Face having a minor hit. After that, he moved to Nashville and like many of its' occupants sought to be a country based songwriter, but instead started doing rock & roll which was new at the time but people like Garth Books had started introducing it.

After walking the streets of Music Row, he was introduced to many famous songwriters, and so he started working - starting with Kim Richey's self-titled debut and Bittersweet. This led to songs like "One Big Love" by Patty Griffin and Trisha Yearwood's "Believe me Baby (I Lied)".

After a mild run of success, he would finally become the soul of rock & roll in the United States after pitching and helping start Kings of Leon. He nurtured the relationships between the band members, and introduced them to many different great rock & roll bands like Rolling Stones. They finally reached extreme stardom with Only by the Night, which earned a record of the year from the Grammys for their single "Use Somebody". Eventually departing Kings of Leon in 2013 after Mechanical Bull, he started reaching out in the roots of music and exploring new genres like country - most notably of which was Taylor Swift and Tucker Beathard's "Rock On" which would score a Country top 10 on Billboard. There was also his folk-like, soulful music of J. Geils and rockers like Kaiser Chiefs.[1]

Relationship with Taylor Swift

He worked with Taylor through a trio of songs with her which he wrote, of those three only two were actually released. The first was entitled I'm Only Me When I'm With You, a bonus track off her self-titled debut, and shows her love for her family and her best friend Abigail (who also received the song Fifteen).[2] The other released song was A Place in This World, detailing her first coming to Nashville and being terrified of the future and what is to happen to her.[3] The third, the unreleased one was called What Do You Say frpm 2004 and was presumed to be written with Angelo, Brian, and Taylor herself through lyrics he released via Instagram.[4]

Personal Life

Angelo was born in the Bronx, a borough of New York, and grew up in the city of Pelham, New York. He recalls his father being a janitor, and his mother a bookkeeper. By the time of third grade he had started playing guitar, after being introduced by Ricky Nelson's performance of Ozzie and Harriet. He studied at New England College, majoring under Visual arts, where he formed and started his first band in Boston entitled Immortals.[5]