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Audrey is the character Taylor voices in her first voice role movie, The Lorax. Audrey is Ted's love interest, who is 15 years old. Audrey is taller than Ted.

About Her Character

Audrey appears in auburn hair, green eyes, yellow and orange flowered jumper dress, dark green leggings, purple gogo boots and green and blue striped shirt.


After the opening scene of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, Ted Wiggins went to Audrey's house and Audrey opens the door and Ted sees how beautiful she is and Audrey she saids hi to him and asks a ball landed on her backyard again, but Ted saids only a model airplane. After a little laugh and she tells him to see something cool and convinces him to come inside while he put fresh spray in his mouth. After Audrey opens his eyes he gets amazed that Audrey painted trees on the back of her house which she didn't know that what happened in the past when The Lorax was here years ago. She tells him how the tree are used to grow all around here and even the tufts are softer than slik and smelled like butterflymilk and her wish to have a real tree growing in her backyard. However Ted asks her if some guy had got her one and Audrey says, "I bet it sound crazy. Does it sound crazy?" and Ted says, "Not crazy at all," and as they looked at the painting. During Ted's dream after his first part of the part of the story and before the second part he dreams of he is in Audrey's birthday party after Audrey makes a wish on the candles of a cake. One of her guest asks her what did she wished for, but she cannot tell one of her guest what she wished her, but Ted tells Audrey what she wished her after playing the piano and slides now and after getting a shake and presents her a real tree which Audrey is impresses and she tells him that Ted did it, and Ted tells her, "Happy Birthday, Audrey." and she amazed by him and they both try and kiss each other, but Ted kissed the cereal instead. While Ted and Grammy Norma are getting some marshmallows for the Once-ler, Ted meets with Audrey while getting more paint and she asks him what's up and Ted tells het that he is cruising while Grammy Norma comes with a bag of marshmallows and she sees Audrey and how prettier she is which embarrasses Ted and drives off with Audrey smiling at them. As Audrey arrives at home, she discovers in her surprise that the mean Mayor, Mr. O'Hare has covered her paintings and as well as blocking the exit button from outside of town where Ted had visits with the Once-ler. After the last part of the story of The Lorax and after getting the last seed he quickly went to Audrey's house and tells her to meet him at his house. After the confrontration with O'Hare and after showing the seed to his family, Audrey went to his house and he show her the seed and explains to her and his family to help plant it in the middle of town so it can bring the forest back to life and The Lorax and the animals will return which Audrey could kiss him right now, but Ted's mom had interrupted and Ted tells to have a little time, but Audrey convinces hime to do it later which Ted agrees. After chaos on the road and competing for the seed, Ted Audrey and Grammy Norma they went in the middle of the town and Norma uses a bulldozer to destroy O'Hare's statue to reveal dirt to everyone's shock in town and O'Hare explains to the trees how they are filthy, but Audrey tells him why he is against trees because they produce fresh air for free and he tells her that Audrey lied, but she tells him it is not a lie and it's called photosynesis which O'Hare tells them into thinking that Audrey making into a joke with Thneedville should the way it is and he makes the people turn against those three but the three of them make their way to the bulldozer and go all the way to the wall and destroy to reveal the chopped trees which Audrey had been right all along and Ted explains it isn't perfect in Thneedville and he shows the seed to them and they sing "Let It Grow" which the people turn against O'Hare after he sings, let it die with Ted, Audrey and the people's disgust and exiling him. As they continue to sing let it grow, Ted, Audrey and Grammy Norma are making a little garden for the tree which the Once-ler is proud of and he thanks Ted. Audrey looks at Ted and she kisses him of the cheek and she and Ted looks the tree and the forest grows back and the animals return and the Once-ler is reunited with the Lorax which Ted and Audrey don't know of.


  • Taylor Swift did not sing in the animated movie and this is the second movie that she did not sing.


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