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"Birch" is the fourth track from Big Red Machine's second studio album, How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last. Taylor Swift serves as the featured artist on the track. It was released on August 27, 2021, through Jagjaguwar/37D03D.


[Verse 1: Justin Vernon]
The way I woke up was old
Was all fucking choke
And it ain't easier after a week
Were on a long byway standing still

[Chorus: Justin Vernon & Taylor Swift]
Well, if you cannot tell I'll tell you right away
If I'll stay a spell, or if I cannot stay
I am less at ease, not the best at these
See the forest trees, call what's these what's these

[Post-Chorus: Justin Vernon]
What's these (What's these)

[Verse 2: Justin Vernon & Taylor Swift, & Justin Vernon]
Hey Madeline, thanks
For to case out the fog, for Jennifer
Seems she needed you badly

[Chorus: Justin Vernon & Taylor Swift]
So I beg on knees
Can we share IDs?
Will you always need?
We havе common needs
We can sure deplеte
We can be replete
Address table needs
It is swift your speed

[Verse 3: Justin Vernon, Justin Vernon & Taylor Swift]
The way I wake up now, is a brand new way
And no it ain't that way, like it was before

[Chorus: Justin Vernon & Taylor Swift, & Justin Vernon]
So I cannot leave
Yes I must here stay
Cause I know what's good
And I'll die that way
No I cannot seem
To get a moment's peace
If there's a man like me
His birch ain't my tree

[Outro: Justin Vernon, Justin Vernon & Taylor Swift]
The way I woke up now
Is a brand new way
It ain't what it was before

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