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Evermore (stylized as evermore) is the ninth studio album by Taylor Swift. It was released on December 11, 2020 through Republic Records, and was announced on December 10, 2020. It is a "sister album" to folklore.


Taylor typed a message out during the pre-premiere chat for the "willow" music video that she wanted evermore to have a fall and winter feel, opposed to folklore having a spring and summer feel.

I wanted evermore to represent fall & winter while folklore represents spring & summer. I've always wanted to do a 2part anthology that's a collective body of work & it just kind of happened naturally

—Typed into the "Willow" music video premiere chat

Impact and legacy

Swift's fast-succeeding release of Evermore after Folklore was met with appraisal. Variety compared the double-release to that of the Beatles and U2, especially to the latter releasing Zooropa (1993) during the tour for Achtung Baby (1991), while Rolling Stone dubbed it a "hot streak" reminiscent of Prince in 1987 and David Bowie in 1977. Vulture stated that the news of another surprise album from Swift "came as a major shock", as she has been "the industry's most prominent loyalist to the pop-album rollout", who turns her carefully planned releases into "an art of their own". Branding it a testament to her artistic dedication, Our Culture Mag praised Swift's ability to release an album on-par with its predecessor in a short time, while simultaneously re-recording her first six studio albums. NJ.com thanked Swift for making the "miserable year" a little more endurable, and added that no other artist of her stature "created so relentlessly" in 2020. The Sydney Morning Herald named her "the queen of pandemic productivity".[1]

Evermore and Folklore have been lauded as two of 2020's seminal albums. Billboard cited the sister albums as the most notable examples for how the COVID-19 pandemic veered music in 2020, and forced artists to amend their creative process, which in turn led their works to major success.[2] Arre wrote that Swift bottled the pandemic's cultural crisis in the two escapist albums, transporting listeners to "a simpler world whose sensibility is cottagecore instead of apocalyptic". It questioned the possibility of retrospecting on Evermore without reminiscing the pandemic, and added that future generations will get an idea of 2020 through the sister albums, which condense emotions "impossible to articulate".[3]

Inspired by the track "Champagne Problems", French luxury hotel Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa offers guests a new package called "Champagne Solution", which includes a bottle of Dom Pérignon, the champagne brand mentioned in the song's lyrics.[4]

Track listing

Standard edition
2."Champagne Problems" 
3."Gold Rush" 
4."Tis the Damn Season" 
5."Tolerate It" 
6."No Body, No Crime" (featuring Haim) 
9."Coney Island" (featuring The National) 
11."Cowboy Like Me" 
12."Long Story Short" 
15."Evermore" (featuring Bon Iver) 
Total length:60:38
16."Right Where You Left Me" 
17."It's Time to Go" 
Total length:69:00
Japan Deluxe
18."Willow (Dancing Witch Version - Elvira Remix)" 
19."Willow (Lonely Witch Version)" 
Total length:75:45
Japan Limited
20."Willow (Moonlit Witch Version)" 
Total length:79:13



"willow" • "champagne problems" • "gold rush" • "'tis the damn season" • "tolerate it" • "no body, no crime" • "happiness" • "dorothea" • "coney island" • "ivy" • "cowboy like me" • "long story short" • "marjorie" • "closure" • "evermore"
Deluxe edition
"right where you left me" • "it's time to go"