How big of a Taylor Swift can are you? See how many questions you can answer.

*Who is Tim McGraw?

  1. A country music star she worked with early on in her career.
  2. An ex-boyfriend that broke her heart, she driving by his house stalking him, until his momma got a restraining order against her.
  3. A country music singer she is a fan of, and used the name of, in place of an ex-boyfriend that the song "Tim McGraw" was about.
  4. Her pet cat, seen in home movies with a small cowboy hat on, which she says is the only man that ever treated her right.

*What is Taylor's favorite number?

  1. Four because she found a four leaf clover when she was younger, and kept it with her always, it giving her confidence and bringing her luck
  2. Three, the number of family members she had in her house, which she could always count on(the cat didn't count, since cats are just too unreliable).
  3. Thirteen, because good things always happen when she sees that number.
  4. Seven, because its magical, like her.

*What does Taylor say about fan made gifts?

  1. They are the best.
  2. They are usually lame, but sometimes you get something good.
  3. She'd prefer money.
  4. She doesn't have time to bother with them.

*How long did it take to sell out Madison Square Garden during her Fearless tour?

  1. 24 hours
  2. 6 hours
  3. 60 seconds
  4. She didn't. It was the only place in the entire world where she didn't sell out.

*How many brothers and sisters does she have?

  1. None. She was an only child, just her and her cats.
  2. One brother and two sisters, although they used to make their little brother dress up in dresses when younger(see home movies).
  3. One brother and no sisters.
  4. Her private life is so well guarded, no one has ever found out.
  5. She was created in a laboratory, from the best parts humanity had to offer, and thus has no other siblings. There can only be one.

*Who is Abigail?

  1. The name of someone she knew back in school, and is still friends with today.
  2. Just a name in a song, not a real person.
  3. A character invented for her videos.
  4. The name of her cat, which she talks to quite often, and plays games with.(see home movies)
  5. 2, 3, AND 4. The character was named after her cat, her only friend because she was home schooled, and used in her songs and videos.


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