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Taylor Swift includes hidden messages in each song, which stopped at Reputation. The lyrics in the booklets are lowercased, and each letter of the hidden message is in capitalized letters. For 1989, she did the opposite. This article lists all her hidden messages from Taylor Swift to 1989.

For more in depth explanations of the hidden messages, visit their section on each song's page.


  1. Welcome To New York : We begin our story in New York
  2. Blank Space : There once was a girl known by everyone and no one
  3. Style : Her heart belonged to someone who couldn't stay
  4. Out Of The Woods : They loved each other recklessly
  5. All You Had To Do Was Stay : They paid the price
  6. Shake It Off : She danced to forget him
  7. I Wish You Would : He drove past her street each night
  8. Bad Blood : She made friends and enemies
  9. Wildest Dreams : He only saw her in his dreams
  10. How You Get The Girl : Then one day he came back
  11. This Love : Timing is a funny thing
  12. I Know Places : And everyone was watching
  13. Clean : She lost him but she found herself and somehow that was everything


  1. State Of Grace : I love you doesn't count after goodbye
  2. Red : SAG
  3. Treacherous : Won't stop till it's over
  4. I Knew You Were Trouble : When you saw me dancing
  5. All Too Well : Maple Latte
  6. 22 : Ashley Dianna Claire Selena
  7. I Almost Do : Wrote this instead of calling
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together : When I stopped caring what you thought
  9. Stay Stay Stay : Daydreaming about real love
  10. The Last Time : LA on your break
  11. Holy Ground : When you came to the show in SD
  12. Sad Beautiful Tragic : While you were on a train
  13. The Lucky One : Wouldn't you like to know
  14. Everything Has Changed : Hyannis Port
  15. Starlight : For Ethel
  16. Begin Again : I wear heels now

Speak Now

  1. Mine : Toby
  2. Sparks Fly : Portland, Oregon
  3. Back To December : Tay
  4. Speak Now : You always regret what you don't say
  5. Dear John : Loved you from the very first day
  6. Mean : I thought you got me
  7. The Story Of Us : CMT Music Awards
  8. Never Grow Up : I moved out in July
  9. Enchanted : Adam
  10. Better Than Revenge : you thought I would forget
  11. Innocent : Life is full of little interruptions
  12. Haunted : Still to this day
  13. Last Kiss : Forever and Always
  14. Long Live : For you


  1. Fearless : I loved you before I met you
  2. Fifteen : I cried while recording this
  3. Love Story : Someday I'll find this
  4. Hey Stephen : Love and theft
  5. White Horse : All I ever wanted was the truth
  6. You Belong With Me : Love is blind so you couldn't see me
  7. Breathe : I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
  8. Tell Me Why : Guess I was fooled by your smile
  9. You're Not Sorry : She can have you
  10. The Way I Loved You : We can't go back
  11. Forever & Always : If you play these games, we're both going to lose
  12. The Best Day : God bless Andrea Swift
  13. Change : You made things change for me
  14. Jump Then Fall : Last summer was magical
  15. Untouchable : We always want what we can't reach
  16. Forever & Always (piano version) : Still miss who I thought he was
  17. Come In With The Rain : won't admit that I wish you'd come back
  18. SuperStar : I'll never Tell
  19. The Other Side Of The Door : what I was really thinking when I slammed the door

Taylor Swift

  1. Tim McGraw : Can"t tell me nothin'
  2. Picture To Burn : Date nice boys
  3. Teardrops On My Guitar : He will never know
  4. A Place In This World : I found it
  5. Cold As You : Time to let go
  6. The Outside : You are not alone
  7. Tied Together With A Smile : You are loved
  8. Stay Beautiful : Shake n bake
  9. Should've Said No : Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam
  10. Mary's Song (Oh My My My) : Sometimes love is forever
  11. Our Song : Live in love