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Karyn at the 2018 AMAs

"There once was a snake known by everyone and no one. Her name was Karyn. No one understood her, or tried to. Most people were scared she was going to swallow them whole. This made Karyn sad. No one wanted to be her friend. So she just hid away in her underground world where no one could find her.

But then one day word came around to her that there was someone just like her. Someone misunderstood by the world. Someone people didn’t bother getting to know before judging them. This made Karyn feel less alone. She met up with this person and the both instantly got along. Karyn and Taylor; two misunderstood souls that felt so understood by eachother. Taylor told Karyn about her tour. And her plan to turn people’s words around so they didn’t bit them. Karyn loved the idea and now they’re happily on tour together." - Taylor via Tumblr

Karyn is a indisputable legend, and her fandom is so huge that she started trending on Twitter during Taylor's performance.


Karyn is a giant inflatable snake that appeared on the Reputation Stadium Tour during the Look What You Made Me Do performance. Taylor also brought Karyn to her I Did Something Bad AMAs 2018 performance.

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