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Midnights Mayhem With Me was a series of videos that Taylor Swift created on TikTok as a way of announcing the tracklist for her 10th album, Midnights.


The TikToks started September 21st, released at midnight (EST). Episodes were uploaded every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for most of the series, until October 6th when one was released on Thursday. All the remaining episodes were released on Friday, October 7th, starting at midnight and released one hour apart from each other.

The track numbers are written on ping pong balls (1-13), drawn at random from a bingo cage. When a number was chosen, Swift picked up a phone, and revealed the track title that the number on the ball chose.

Episodes (in order of uploads)[]


  • Meredith Grey (Taylor’s cat) was featured in episode 2.
  • The red phone mentioned above was held upside down in the second and sixth episodes.
  • Taylor held the phone with her left hand for all episodes except the seventh and tenth, where it was held with her right.
  • The first track announced was coincidentally Taylor’s lucky number, 13.


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