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Taylor Swift in New Girl

New Girl is a television show from Fox Network, in which Swift appeared in the second season finale, "Elaine's Big Day", playing the part of Elaine.

Summary of episode[]

Elaine is the long time love of Shivrang. She was a guest at his wedding to Cece, and ran away to elope with him after it was called off.

It is unknown if she ever dated him, but is clear they could not be together due to their different heritages. Elaine made a list of confessions to Shivrang. She loved him since the first grade, she writes about him in her journal, and paints pictures of him on her easel.

Shrivang also confesses to her that he wants their children to be photographers and marry in a Presbyterian church. Elaine asked if he could take her away from this madness. They both run off, with Elaine in his arms, to elope in Las Vegas.


References to Taylor Swift[]

  • In the third episode of the second season, "Fluffer", Cece refers to Schmidt going through a "Taylor Swift-like range of emotions".
  • In the season two episode "Table 34", Jess and Nick are seen listening to the song "22" as Jess tells him she just wants to listen to Taylor Swift alone.
  • Swift is mentioned again in the season four episode "Walk of Shame". Cece says that her hairdresser is worried about Swift living in New York all alone, to which Jess replies "well yeah, we all are". Later, they decide if she can live in New York alone, they too can do anything.