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Scott Kingsley Swift (born March 5, 1952) is Taylor Swift's father.

Early life and career[]

Scott was born in Pennsylvania on March 5, 1952, a son of Archie Dean and Rose Baldi (Douglas) Swift. He has two brothers, Archie III and Douglas. Scott graduated from the University of Delaware in 1974. Like his father Archie Jr. and grandfather Archie Sr., Scott entered into the financial business by becoming a stock broker. He established the Swift Group, a financial advisory group that is part of Merrill Lynch. When Taylor sought to pursue her career in music, Scott relocated his company to Nashville, where he works as a top adviser and First Vice President. [1] [2]

Scott married Andrea Gardner Finlay on February 20, 1988 in Harris County, Texas. Their daughter Taylor was born in 1989, and their son Austin was born in 1992.

In a conversation with Scott McCain, a lecturer named Scott McCain was speaking at a convention in which Scott Swift was present, McCain noted Scott Swift's professionalism in his work:

"I learned three important points about Scott Swift. First, he’s a remarkable professional – managing millions of dollars for powerful and important clients. He’s an example of a pro who creates 'the Ultimate Customer Experience.' Second, he’s one of the most creative and imaginative people I’ve ever met. His mind is engaged non-stop; yet, what makes him even more special is that his ideas are grounded in reality. They aren’t just the typical “pie-in-the-sky,” wild innovations that would never actually work. Instead, you find yourself hitting your own forehead in an “I should’ve had a V-8!” imitation, because his ideas are simultaneously simple and profound. Finally, and most important, he is a true “connector.” By that, I mean that he connects with people in a highly meaningful manner. When he told me that I could change the world, I just knew he really meant it!"[3]

In an interview, Taylor briefly discusses her father's work:

"In a recent Google/YouTube interview, Ms. Taylor said that at 8, while friends reported wanting to grow up and become astronauts and ballerinas, she wanted to be a financial adviser, like her dad. “My dad is so passionate about what he does, like in the way I'm passionate about music,” Ms. Swift said. “He's so gung-ho for his job, and I saw how happy it made him and I just thought, like, "I can broke stocks.'”[4]

Relationship with daughter[]

Taylor mentions him on her blog,[5] one post that has been repeated throughout major media sources, such as People magazine, displays Scott as being somewhat of a practical joker:[6]

'My dad is along the ride for this trip, hanging out and talking to every person he comes in contact with. He's a social butterfly, and loves being on tour. He loves it so much, he thinks it's absolutely hilarious to mess with me and try to embarrass me as much as possible. For example: Liz and I are walking into the hotel lobby after returning from dinner. It's a quiet, serene, beautiful hotel lobby and we're walking in when..

"Screaming voice from out of nowhere: HEY! THAT'S TAYLOR SWIFT!!
Me: Dad. Please stop doing that.

It's pretty priceless having my dad out here with me.

In her song, "The Best Day," Taylor mentions her father, saying "I have an excellent father; his strength is making me stronger."

Scott is extremely proud of his daughter's achievements. In the blog entry, McCain says:

"Introducing himself as also named “Scott,” he asked me to come down the hall to his office for a quick conversation. As we entered, I noted the platinum album on his wall from Taylor Swift, the teenager with the #1 selling album on the planet right now. He beamed – “That’s my daughter!” [3]

McCain goes on to comment on Taylor Swift, noting a similarity between Scott and Taylor's personalities:

"Scott Swift not only had me believing it…his daughter has done the same. Taylor Swift – unlike a Britany or Christina or Beyonce – writes pretty much all of her own material. She’s a huge star, who somehow remains accessible and down to earth. She has been a true role model for others her age, and younger. (And, I would argue that she’s a great one for anyone of any age.) While raking in millions, she still lives at home and seeks the most normal existence possible for someone in her position. She has changed the world. But, where does her execution of the old Casey Kasem philosophy (“Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!”) come from? The obvious answer is: her parents. Scott Swift, though, seeks to contradict that point. “Don’t forget,” he said, “the same two people who gave us Jimmy Carter, also were the ones who parented Billy Carter.” And, while he’s right…there is also no doubt that his dynamic daughter is someone who has executed on the principles inspired in her by an extraordinary mentor and father. In the coming New Year, I’m keeping Scott Swift’s note with me constantly. My commitment is to change the world in the way that I can. I hope that Scott knows he has done the same…and we both want you know that you can, too."[3]

Taylor tweeted on Father's Day 2013 how much she loved her dad.

Gift from a loving daughter[]

In 2011, Taylor bought her parents a $2.5 million mansion in Nashville, Tennessee. She had originally bought them a $1.4 million dollar mansion, but decided it was not good enough, so four months later she went and bought them the larger one. [1]