TS7 is the unreleased seventh studio album by pop singer Taylor Swift.

Swift talked about the album at the 2018 American Music Awards: "I always look at albums as chapters in my life," she said:

And to the fans, I'm so happy that you like this one... But I have to be really honest with you about something: I'm even more excited about the next chapter.
She also stated at the iHeartRadio music awards:
I just wanted to let you know, when there is new music, you will be the first to know.

On February 24, 2019, Taylor posted a photo of seven palm trees on her instagram, which, in her Entertainment Weekly interview, she confirmed was posted on the date that she finished the album.

The album is expected to be released on July 13, 2019.  

Taylor will tour worldwide in the first half of 2020.[1]


The first single of this album is titled "ME!", released on April 26, 2019, featuring Brendon Urie of the band Panic! At The Disco.  

Confirmed songs


  • The album is theorized to be called "Eternal" due to a dress Taylor wore at the Billboard Awards. If you look very closely at the embroidery on the left side of Taylor's dress, you can see that the word "Eternal" has been stitched on. This is unconfirmed.
    • Another theory is that the album will be called 'Paradise'. This theory arose when Taylor Swift posted pictures of palm trees and butterflies in a very light, soft theme.
      • It is also speculated to be titled  "Kaleidoscope" because of a small clue in her video. A group of butterflies is called a Kaleidoscope, and a group of butterflies appears in the video.
  • It is speculated that this album will take a new genre of music that Taylor has never tried before.
    • It is theorized that the genre will be Rock/and or Alternative.
  • The album is expected to have a soft, aesthetic feel since her recent outfits, themes, and posts have been based around pastel colors and soft gradients.
  • It is speculated that the new album will have a butterfly/and or mermaid theme, much like the opposite of reputation's snake theme. The reason is that she has been posting about mermaids and butterflies a lot on her social media recently.
  • On April 13th she changed her layouts/website and left a cryptic April 26th date which fans suspected would be the release date of TS7's lead single, which, on April 25, 2019, was announced that the countdown was for the first single, "ME!". This was confirmed by Taylor herself during the NFL Draft on the channel ABC.
    • She changed her profile pictures on all social media sites to a pastel pink and blue sky and left a countdown on her website.
      • On her website, written in big letters, it says "TS". However, the text seems to represent mermaid scales/and or sequins, backing up the mermaid theory.