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All unreleased songs written by Taylor Swift.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

For a list of every song she has made, see List of songs by Taylor Swift.


Song Writers Recording date
"4 U (For You)" Taylor Swift 2003
"10 Dollars and a 6 Pack" (acoustic) Swift, Liz Rose, Brian Maher 2005
"10 Dollars and a 6 Pack" (studio version) Swift, Rose, Maher 2005


Song Writers Recording date
"A Little More Like You" Swift 2003
"A Perfectly Good Heart" (demo version) Swift, Brett James, Troy Verges N/A
"A Place in This World" (demo version) Swift, Robert Ellis Orrall, Angelo Petraglia N/A
"Acting Like a Boy" Swift, Rose N/A
"All Night Diner" Swift, Rose 2004
"American Boy" Swift 2003
"Am I Ready for Love?" Celina Berman-Gray N/A
"Angelina" Swift 2004
"Anymore" Swift 2005


Song Writers Recording date
"Baby Blue" Swift 2003
"Beautiful Days" Swift 2003
"Being with My Baby" (acoustic) Swift, Brett Beavers 2004
"Being with My Baby" (alternate acoustic version) Swift, Beavers 2004
"Better Off" Swift, Orrall 2005
"Bother Me" Swift N/A
"Brand New World" Swift 2003
"Brought Up That Way" Swift, Tammy Hyler 2005
"By the Way" Swift, Beavers, Deric Ruttan 2005


Song Writers Recording date
"Can I Go with You" Swift, Greg McElrath 2002
"Cannonball" Justin Bieber, Swift August 26-31, 2011
"Check Out This View" Swift, Rose 2005
"Christmas Must Be Something More" (demo version) Swift 2003
"Christmases When You Were Mine" (alternate version) (released through her website) Swift, Rose, Nathan Chapman 2007
"Closest to a Cowboy" Swift, Sharon Vaughn 2004
"Cold as You" (demo version one) Swift, Rose 2006
"Cold as You" (demo version two) Swift, Rose 2006
"Cold as You" (piano version) Swift, Rose 2006
"Come in with the Rain" (acoustic) Swift, Rose 2006
"Come in with the Rain" (demo version) Swift, Rose 2006
"Crazier" (alternate demo version) Swift, Orrall 2004
"Crazier" (demo version) Swift, Orrall 2004
"Cross My Heart" Swift 2003


Song Writers Recording date
"Dark Blue Tennessee" Swift, Orrall 2005
"Dark Blue Tennessee" (piano version) Swift, Orrall 2005
"Diary of Me" Julie Wood, Nick Brophy 2004
"Didn't They" Swift 2003
"Don't Hate Me for Loving You" Swift 2003
"Down Came the Rain" Swift, Ruttan 2005
"Drama Queen" Swift, Martin Johnson 2008


Song Writers Recording date
"Fall Back On You" Swift 2004-2005
Family Swift, Max Martin, Shellback, Oscar Holter 2017
"Fearless" (demo version) Swift, Rose, Hillary Lindsey 2007
"Fifteen" (acoustic) Swift N/A
"Fire" Swift 2003
"Firefly" Swift, Connie Harrington, John Pierce 2003
"Frontseat" Swift, Jodi Marr 2005


Song Writers Recording date
"Gail's Song" Swift 2003
"Goodbye Butterfly" Swift N/A
"Go Slow" Swift 2004
"Gracie" Swift, Rose 2005


Song Writers Recording date
"Half-Way to Texas" Swift 2003
"Heaven" Swift 2004
"Her" Swift, Rose N/A
"His Lies" Swift N/A
"Honey Baby" Swift 2003
"Houston Rodeo" Swift 2003


Song Writers Recording date
"I Heart ?" (demo version) Swift 2004
"I Know What I Want" Swift 2004-2005
"I Used to Fly" Swift 2003
"I Wished On a Plane" Swift, Luke Laird 2004
"I'd Lie" Swift 2006
"I'm Looking Out for You" Swift N/A
"I'm Only Me When I'm With You" (demo version) Swift, Orrall, Petraglia 2004
"In the Pouring Rain" Swift 2003
"Invisible" (demo version) Swift, Orrall 2004
"It's Still You" (by Ashley Monroe) Ashley Monroe, Swift 2004


Song Writers Recording date
"Just South of Knowing Why" Swift, Orrall 2004


Song Writers Recording date
"Kid in the Crowd" Swift 2003


Song Writers Recording date
"Let's Go (Battle)" Swift 2009
"Live for the Little Things" Swift 2003
"Long Time Going" Swift, Warren Bros. 2005
"Look at You Like That" Swift, Rose 2005
"Love They Haven't Thought of Yet" Swift 2005
"Love to Lose" Swift, Rose 2006
"Lucky You" Swift 2003
"Lucky You" (Mr. Mig version) Swift 2003


Song Writers Recording date
"Made Up You" Swift, Rose 2005
"Making Up for Lost Love" Swift 2005
"Mandolin" Swift 2003
"Mary Jo" Swift 2003
"Matches" Swift, Rose 2005
"Me and Britany" Swift, Vaughn 2003
"My Cure" Swift 2005
"My Cure" (acoustic version) Swift 2005
"My Turn to Be Me" Swift 2003


Song Writers Recording date
Nashville" Swift 2005
"Need" Swift, Louis Bell, Adam King Feeney 2019
"Need You Now" Swift, Orrall 2004
"Never Fade" Swift 2003
"Nevermind" (acoustic) Swift, Rose 2004
"Nevermind" (country version) Swift, Rose 2004
"Nevermind" (pop version) Swift, Rose 2004
"None of the Above" Swift, Michael Heeney N/A
"Not One Day" Swift N/A


Song Writers Recording date
"One More Day" Swift 2003
"One-Sided Goodbye" Swift 2003
"Our Last Night" Kevin Griffin 2004
"Our Song" (demo version) Swift 2005


Song Writers Recording date
"Perfect Have I Loved" Swift, Rose 2005
"Permanent Marker" Swift, Nick Brophy, Jennifer Hanson 2005
"Pretty Words" (x3; Non-Taylor Vocals) Swift, Scooter Carusoe N/A
"Picture to Burn" (acoustic) Swift, Rose 2004
"Picture to Burn" (demo version) Swift, Rose 2004
"Point of View" Swift 2003


Song Writers Recording date
"Rain Song" Swift, Rose, Maher 2005
"R-E-V-E-N-G-E" Swift, Steve Bogard, Jeremy Stover 2005
"Ride On" Swift 2003


Song Writers Recording date
"Same Girl" Swift 2003
"Scream" Swift, Randy Cantor, Marr N/A
"Smokey Black Nights" Swift 2003
"Someone Just Told Me" Swift N/A
"Someone Loves You" Swift N/A
"Sparks Fly" (live w/ original lyrics) Swift 2007
"Spinning Around" Swift 2003
"Starlight" (demo version) Swift 2011
"Stay Beautiful" (acoustic) Swift, Rose N/A
"Stay Beautiful" (demo version) Swift, Rose N/A
"Sugar" Swift 2003
"Superstar" (acoustic) Swift, Rose N/A
"Superstar" (demo version) Swift, Rose N/A
"Sweet Tea and God's Graces" Swift, Rose, Maher 2005
"Sweet Tea and God's Graces" (acoustic) Swift, Rose, Maher 2005


Song Writers Recording date
"Teardrops on My Guitar" (acoustic) Swift, Rose 2004
"Teardrops on My Guitar" (alternate demo) Swift, Rose 2004
"Teardrops on My Guitar" (demo version) Swift, Rose 2004
"Tell Me" Swift, Rose 2004-2005
"Tell Me" (acoustic) Swift, Rose 2004-2005
"Tennessee" Swift 2003
"That's Life" Swift 2003
"The Other Side of the Door" (demo version) Swift 2007
"The Outside" (demo version) (Maybelline: Chicks with Attitude) Swift 2004
"Thinkin' 'Bout You" Swift, Rose, Chely Wright 2006
"Thirteen Blocks (Can't Call It Love)" Swift, Carusoe 2005
"This Here Guitar" Swift 2003
"This Is Really Happening" Swift, Blu Sanders 2004
"This Is What You Came For" Swift (Nils Sjöberg), Calvin Harris 2016
"This One's Different" Matt Jenkins, Swift 2007
"Tied Together with a Smile" (acoustic) Swift, Rose 2005
"Tied Together with a Smile" (demo version) Swift, Rose 2005
"'Til Brad Pitt Comes Along" Swift, Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo 2005
"Tim McGraw" (acoustic) Swift, Rose 2005
"Tim McGraw" (piano version) Swift, Rose 2005
"Today" Swift 2004
"Tonight" (a.k.a. VMA Side Story) with Cobra Starship, Ne-Yo, Katy Perry, and Russell Brand Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim 2009
"Too Beautiful" Swift N/A


Song Writers Recording date
"Under My Head" Swift 2005
"Untouchable" (live, stripped version) Luna Halo N/A


Song Writers Recording date
"Wait for Me" Swift 2005
"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (country mix) Swift, Martin, Shellback 2012
"Welcome Distraction" Swift, Warren Bros. 2004
"What Do You Say" Swift, Orrall, Petraglia 2004
"What to Wear" Swift 2004
"White Horse" (demo version) Swift, Rose 2006
"Who I've Always Been" Swift, Rose, Maher 2005
"Why Do You Tell Me?" Swift 2003
"Wildflower" Swift, Beavers N/A
"Wonderful Things" Swift 2009-2010
"Writing Songs About You" Swift, Sarah Buxton, Victoria Shaw 2004


Song Writers Recording date
"You" Swift 2004
"You Do" Swift, Rose, Chapman 2005
"You Don't Have to Call Me" (ringtone) Swift 2006
"You Walk Away" Swift 2003
"Your Anything" (acoustic demo) Swift 2004
"Your Anything" (live version) Swift 2005
"Your Face" Swift 2004
"Your Face" (live version) Swift 2005
"Your Heart's Somewhere Else" Swift 2003
"Your Picture" Swift 2003

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Unreleased songs
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